ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

A Commitment to Quality & Service

At the Zedex quality is a tangible commodity valued throughout the organization, and frequently praised by our customers. We earned the International Standardization Organization’s certification (ISO 9001:2008) demonstrating our dedication to continuous improvement and superior performance in all aspects of our business.

We systematically monitors its quality through customer feedback, individual self-assessment, regular management reviews, and an annual quality assessment. We constantly hone our processes, maintaining our commitment to the ongoing improvement of operations and services.

As a high quality service provider, we considers that a large part of its success results first in its unique ability to always:

  1. Minimize the level of service failures and always protect the interests of its clients
  2. Look for the best price/value option
  3. Deal effectively with unexpected circumstances and requests
  4. Adopt a “yes we can do it” attitude
  5. Look for industry best practices and apply them
  6. Be proactive and monitor each shipment constantly
  7. Provide transparent, continuous and accurate information